Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Te Tuhi

Today class 2 had the opportunity to go to Te Tuhi. Te Tuhi is a art gallery for kids and adults. There are also lessons like dance class, art class, painting class and much more. The building is really large, but we only get in the art room and half of the art gallery. Jeremy was one of the teachers that took us on a tour. We create our own tapa.

There was four squares to draw your symbols. One square is a symbol for family, culture, interest and home. For my family a draw four smiley faces, for mum, dad, little brother and me. On the second squares for my culture I draw fifteen stars from the Cook Island flag.

The other square I also drawn a pencil for interest. The pen means my interest is art. The last square I drawed two sea shells for home. The two sea shell means I live near the beach.tapa.jpg

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