Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Te Tuhi

Today class 2 had the opportunity to go to Te Tuhi. Te Tuhi is a art gallery for kids and adults. There are also lessons like dance class, art class, painting class and much more. The building is really large, but we only get in the art room and half of the art gallery. Jeremy was one of the teachers that took us on a tour. We create our own tapa.

There was four squares to draw your symbols. One square is a symbol for family, culture, interest and home. For my family a draw four smiley faces, for mum, dad, little brother and me. On the second squares for my culture I draw fifteen stars from the Cook Island flag.

The other square I also drawn a pencil for interest. The pen means my interest is art. The last square I drawed two sea shells for home. The two sea shell means I live near the beach.tapa.jpg

Monday, 24 November 2014

I Meet Robyn Lamont

On Friday, November 21st, I sketched one of Robyn Lamont inspiring art. It is called Sky Tower. I wanted to draw the Sky Tower, because I loved how she blended the colours together from light to dark. Also the mixture of patterns were amazing. Robyn Lamont inspired me a lot.

When I got to the part where I had to finish the sky. My teacher Mrs Langitupu surprised me. She asked if I wanted take a photo with Robyn Lamont in real life. Robyn Lamont was in another class teaching other students at our school. My art was not finish, but I was happy with it. All of people encouraged me along the way.   

Screenshot 2014-11-24 at 9.15.28 AM.png
Here’s a photo of my finished art work.

Sky Tower.jpg

Robyn Lamont is an inspiring, fantastic and most intelligent artist.

            Find more about Robyn Lamont visit her blog.    

Monday, 10 November 2014



Wooooo! It’s the 31st of october. Guess what. It’s Halloween! If you're thinking what is Halloween, is it a person, is it a house. Well no, it’s a special event that was originally started in America.

It is often celebrated by kids dressing up in scary masks and costumes. Costumes like ghosts, vampires, zombies or devils. Maybe dress up as cartoon characters.

When kids are dress up, they go knocking on doors to say trick or treat. So people would give people treats like lollies.

                   HAPPY HALLOWEEN


Bullying is really important to stop. It can make people feel hurt, scared, lonely, embarrassed and sad. Bullies might hit, kick, pouch to hurt people. Bullies might even call them names and scared them away.

Bullying is a big problem:
Bullying is a big problem that affects lot of people. Most people skip school because of bullying. Bullies will make people feel really uncomfortable. The stress dealing with bullies can make kids sick. Kids sometimes skip school, so they don’t have to be dealing with bullies. Some people drop out of school because their feelings are hurt.

Why do people bully?
Bullies do what they do to impress their friends. It makes them feel better, cooler and stronger. Bullies bully because they have more power to pick on people. Most people bullies because they might have problems at home, Then they take their to other people. Some kids learned bullying for others.

Who do bullies easily get pick on?
Some people in the world easily gets pick on. People may be get pick on because of their size. Too big, too thin, too short or too tall. Also about peoples skin colour. Bullies always pick on people who have no friends.

What to do if you get bullied?
Coping with bullies can be difficult. First, people should understand that they are not the problem. The bullies are the problem.

Tips for what to do if you get bullied?
1. Tell an adult or teacher about your problems.
2. Tell your friends to tell your adult or teacher.
3. Use your WITS, it means
  W - Walk away
   I - Ignore it
   T - Talk about it
   S - Seek out
Make bullying stop!
What do people think about bullying. Well first of all, everyone in the world should communicate with each other to make bulling stop!

So people STOP THE BULL!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ban Plastic Bags!

Ban Plastic Bags!

Date: Tuesday 2nd September 2014

To: Prime Minister John Key

I have a complaint about plastic bags. I think that it should be banned, because in one year there are over 1 billion plastic bags that are being used in New Zealand. A lot of the plastic bags don’t even get recycled.    

New Zealand is also known as a green country. That means keeping the environment clean is important. Once the plastic bags have been used and no longer wanted, a lot of people want to get rid of the plastic bags. A plastic bag floating in the air can lead to the roads, trees, sea and rivers.

Did you know when the plastic bags leads to the sea and rivers it can kill sea creatures? Such as turtles, sea lions and much more. To turtles they think that the plastic bag that are jellyfish surfing through the sea. So they attempt to eat the plastic bags, because to them they think it’s a jellyfish. Then the poor turtles choke on the plastic bag and die.

The wind will blow the plastic bags. Unfortunately the plastic bags will get stuck on the branches of the tree. Sadly some birds get caught in the plastic bags and gets trapped or hurt.

Instead of selling plastic bags, change them into paper bags or cloth bags just like in other countries. So that people can still use them over and over again (recycling).

As a Prime Minister what are you going to do about it?                            

Yours sincerely
Point England School


Friday, 1 August 2014

Sri Lanka

Where is Sri Lanka? What is Sri Lanka? Is it a person or country? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

What is Sri Lanka:
To start off, Sri Lanka is a small country. The continent of Sri Lanka is Southern Asia. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's population is 20.33 million. Wow! There are more people in Sri Lanka than in New Zealand.

Culture & language:
There are two languages that people in Sri Lanka use.
The first one is the Sinhala language. Sinhala is one of their national languages. The second language is the Tamil language. The Tamil language is mostly spoken by people in Northern East Sri Lanka.

Popular sport:
Volleyball is a national sport in Sri Lanka. Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka. Rugby union is also is also popular. There are other sports that people like to  play in Sri Lanka. The sports are Water sports, Badminton, Athletics, Football, Basketball and Tennis.      

By looking at the Sri Lanka flag, around the backround is a yellow border. On its left is two stripes, the first colour is green and the second colour is saffron. Theres a yellow lion. At the back of the lion is a maroon background.

Did you know facts:
1. Sri Lanka is a country that has a lot of waterfall, so most of their electricity is powered by Hydroelectric Power energy.
2. Sri Lanka is one of the world’s largest tea exports.
3. In Sri Lanka, when someone shaking they head side to side. It actually means “yes”.
4. Sri Lanka is known as a pear island due to its shape.

Words in the story:
Continent mean…..  
Parts of the world’s mainland.  
Population mean….
How many people or thing in a area.
Saffron mean….
It’s a golden yellow type of colour.
Hydroelectric mean….
flowing water that creates every. Just by use water.